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Posted on Feb 19, 2014 in Photography, The Fam

I can’t get enough of these sweet cheeks. He was focused on stamping or coloring or something and I was equally focused on filling up my memory and camera with his cheeks and little lips.



Toddler photo experiment… I have this standalone mirror and it was surprisingly effective for photos with Whitney. I first tried to hold it out with one hand (for her to look at – since looking at a camera in front of my face mostly produces a confused or annoyed stare) and then I set it down for her to play with and enjoyed the faces she makes at herself. I wonder how it’d work with other kids..anybody want to try it and get back to me?




Our little baller. She travels a lot, but hey, she can dunk. And she always cheers.



Fun captured on my iPhone from today…a hike in the hills before dinner.


20140218-232033.jpg 20140218-232015.jpg


  1. Michelle, I have a small mirror from my tummy time mat and I play with Andrew almost everyday with it. When he’s lying on his back I put the mirror behind my back and sing “where is Andrew, where is Andrew and then I flip it over him and he laughs and grabs it to make faces at. Then I get close enough so he can see my face in it and I ask him does he see JoJo and he smiles and turns his head towards me with a big smile. I love our play time together!!

    • I love the pictures from the hike. Tyler and Whitney both look do happy.

    • JoAnne that sounds adorable! I guess I used mirrors more when they were babies, too, it’s so fun when they realize they’re the cute baby in the mirror. 🙂

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