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Beach Badge

Posted on Jul 26, 2014 in Motherhood, The Fam

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today I took my toddlers to the beach by myself.  and survived.  I’ve been wanting to earn my Motherhood Beach Badge for so long, but it has been a way-too-intimidating hurdle for me.  There’s mess, gear, parking, cars…and what about rogue waves?

Conquering this feat today was motivated by hot weather reports and sheer desperation: we just can’t repeat the past two frustrating days at home.   The frustration in our house always seems to boil down to sleep somehow, this time due to my stubbornly non-napping boy who has very little impulse control on tired afternoons.  We all needed something to change.  And frankly, an hour in the car with the kids strapped in and beautiful scenery for me to look at sounded a lot better than another failed attempt to nap at home.  I’m happy to say we had a good short trip!  Each kid slept at least one way in the car (nap – check!), we kept it simple and didn’t stay much longer than an hour.  They both got totally soaked and sandy but I had a change of clothes and we did just fine.  The trip back to the car with a curious and wandering little boy (who pretends not to hear me) was the hardest part but, we survived.

beach2 beach1 beach3

There aren’t many pictures…I took the trouble to pack the camera but was too busy keeping everyone alive to take much more than mental (and occasional phone) snapshots!

At least I have a feeling this first trip won’t be our last…


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  1. Yay! Going to the beach with kids is a big deal. Congratulations! I hear you on trying days at home and am glad you got out!

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