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Christmas: Family Style

Posted on Dec 26, 2013 in The Fam

Earlier this year the New York Times published a compelling article about the importance of knowing and retelling the positive parts of your family’s story. Familiarity with both the beautiful moments and those when the family overcame challenges contribute to a person’s strong sense of connectedness.  Each person has a place in the family, and there is strength in knowing you are a part of something far bigger than yourself.

Visiting with generations of family on my mom’s side extended this past weekend (and looking forward to my dad’s side this weekend) strikes a sweet chord in my core. I am reminded how wide the arms of family reach. Family is strong, stronger than births and deaths, than messes and memories. Everyone keeps moving and growing in their own lives and then we all come together and keep the story of Our Family going. I love holding on to old traditions and starting new ones. Cheers to the beauty of family this Christmas. May you also seize the chance to more deeply connect with yours.


Look, Mommy! I grew like 4 inches since last year!2013_124

Party Souvenirs

What a difference a year makes…last year they both were bright red and screaming the moment he walked in the room.  This year they were scrambling to climb in his lap.  Dylan likes to remind me who gave him the “[h]or-see.”2013_125

Q telling Santa about her birthday in a few weeks.

Love this. The dudes all squished together on the couch.  And their uncle T so sweetly cradling little M.


C saying “ho ho ho”

Not a porcelain doll, folks, a REAL baby!  Oh sweet sleep.


Probably my favorite photo — for my dear cuz who I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like.

The family Ornament Game…so many to open and steal.

Showing the ornaments that are up for grabs.  Always a few winners out there. 🙂

And what was Dylan doing during all this you ask?  Oh, just running around like a wild animal charging outdoors and touching everything.  Maybe also a few push-ups just because?

Sweet E is only a month or so younger than him….oh the difference between girls and boys.  *Sigh*

And the Family Rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.  I was with the 3 French Hens and we didn’t miss a beat.  Every year we have the same Lord’s a Leapin’ and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We all laugh hysterically like it was the first time.

And lastly, some “Nine Ladies Dancing”…because it’s just funny!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Family: you can find the gallery of the rest of the photos here.





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