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Family Adventure: Mt. Hamilton

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in Featured, The Fam

We took a little drive up the Eastern hills this Friday for a fun family adventure.  This time of year the hills are a lovely green and there’s mustard blooms proclaiming spring all over the place.  It is trips like this one that make me well up with pride to be a native Californian.  When we actually take the time to explore I find that the sights we see are ones I’d hope to discover on far off adventures.  Yet the best part is they’re literally in my own (extended) backyard.  Here’s to days like this…we shake loose our homebody tendencies and proclaim “zum abenteuer!”

This trip started with the nerdy educational stop at the Lick Observatory.  Tyler and I geeked out on the museum placards as much as we could while keeping our kid’s trail-o-destruction to a minimum.  Really, we spent most of our time running around the parking lot squealing at the feel of the mountain top wind, and pointing out birds and bikers.



Dylan is quick to agree to hold Whitney’s hand and pull her along places….most of the time Whitney is not a big fan of holding hands or being told where to go. MtHamilton


The views were fantastic (even through the haze).



THEN, on the way home….we made a discovery while driving home through Joseph D. Grant county park.  We stopped to smell some wildflowers and found a winding path Whitney just HAD to follow, and it led to a bridge, that led to a county park historical hotel and rose garden.



We had history to ourselves…I imagined what it must have been like (or what it would be like today, for that matter) to be so far off the grid. I’m pretty sure time in fact took a brief hiatus and we enjoyed things like frolicking and breathing in the smell of sweet spring blooms.



This boy has one speed….FAST.  He runs everywhere.




Then came our Hellen Keller moment.  We discovered water.  Refreshingly cool and splashy!  I love the dimpled fingers reaching in for a sprinkle.MtHamilton8


Dylan and Tyler pointed to where we came from that morning – the Observatory is a white dot on top of the distant hill. MtHamilton9


Heading back into the valley with sleepy kids in the backseat.  What a beautiful day. More please! MtHamilton10

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