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Happy Thoughts

Posted on Jul 22, 2013 in The Fam

The last couple of days have really stunk. So today I’m working on thinking happy thoughts…with memories from the last few weeks.

Happy is….baking zucchini chocolate muffins and bringing the special treat to daddy while he works.


Mickey Mouse pancake breakfast with cousins (a.k.a. the Gramby Special)

Polka-dot swimsuits and princess float

Watermelon and water tablesblog-7-214
Sidewalk art with nieces and first swings with a baseball bat.
Messy ice cream cones on hot summer days with cousins.
Homemade lasagna (what was I thinking, it takes FOREVER) and little dudes tugging at my apron with good manners “foofee (excuse me) mommy, upee (pick me up) please.”
Dhalia’s bursting open.

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