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Heartbeats and Hospital Bills

Posted on May 18, 2013 in Big Moments, The Fam

Whitney’s original heartbeat had a whoosh whoosh whoosh sound.  After surgery, with VSD all patched up it’s now a thump thump thump.  Amazing, huh!?

On another note, we’ve got the hospital bill and yes, there are quite a few decimal places.  Sticker shock?  Well, not really, we knew this was a pretty big deal.  Still, I didn’t expect it to start with a 3. Whitney broke us in to six-figure hospital bills with her 10-day NICU stay at birth.  All I can say is THANK GOD FOR HEALTH INSURANCE!  As messed up as the system may be, in this case I’m just incredibly grateful that our bottom line is a mere shaving off the total bill.  Granted, it is not something to sneeze at, but it’s not going to put us out of house and home.  Oh yeah, this is just for the hospital services…other physicians who saw her in the hospital are kind enough to bill us separately!  Crazy!

For the curious….here’s how much open heart surgery costs:


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