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Posted on Jul 9, 2014 in Motherhood, The Fam

Me: “Dylan, tell Daddy where we went after nap!”

Dylan: “poo poo”

Me: “Dylan, which book do you want to read?”

Dylan: “poo poo”

Whitney: “poo poo”


The potty talk has begun.  I should have seen it coming when a few months ago the ketchup bottle squirted and Dylan started laughing uncontrollably.  Is it coincidence that bathroom humor is kicking in shortly after potty independence?  Well, not only does he get silly and answer questions with “poo poo,”  it’s become the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…anytime he needs something to say word.  We’re trying to curb this habit right away.  My parents used to have a rule that potty talk is for the bathroom…so if we started talking like that we’d have to stop or continue it in the bathroom.  I remember gleefully running in with my brother to scream and giggle and laugh all the potty words we could come up with (which wasn’t a very impressive list at the time).  Pretty soon it got old and we moved on.  Hopefully it will work this time around, too.

Another unwelcome phrase we’re dealing with is “Go Away!”  🙁  To each other, to bugs, while playing pretend with toys, to me…I can see how there are some circumstances where an assertive “go away” could be a useful tool (i.e. a dangerous situation, or “go away bad dreams”), but most other cases are not kind and appropriate.  The saddest part is I’m sure I’ve said it (perhaps after like 42 other ways of trying to ask them to do something else), and I can’t stand thinking that maybe they got it from me…ugh!   To only be able to rewind and do things differently, or at least choose different words.

On a more positive note, Whitney is talking up a storm.  She’ll repeat anything (for better or worse).  One of my recent favorites is that she’ll appropriately (and often) call someone a “Silly Goose!”

Oh, my sweet silly geese.  May I help them learn to control their mouths and may my own be a good example.

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