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Posted on Jul 6, 2013 in Motherhood, The Fam


Happy belated 4th everyone!

We’ve got another type of independence going on here.

Freedom =

  • Highchair free for 2 weeks now, I still can’t believe it when the kids spoon out their own Cheerios and milk.
  • Dylan says “OWN” all the time, as in I want to climb in my carseat, go upstairs, brush my teeth on my own! It’s actually helped with the discipline, giving him choices really works: “do you want to get in your bed on your own or have mommy help you?”
  • Whitney is so independent she’s practicing taking on other dependents (baby dolls).
  • Whitney is also excited about trying to dress herself.  She can take off most of her clothes with a little help but putting on clothes is a lot harder.

IND2 Some of our independence fun with our family…


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