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Independent Dependence

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in Motherhood, The Fam

Lord help us.  We have some stubborn kiddos.  We are in a stage where they want to do everything by themselves, but can’t quite do it yet…or can’t do it in any reasonable about of time.  This is true for everything from getting dressed and buckled in car seats to pulling the wagon and pouring their own milk.

Oh that I would be more patient and see the bigger (long term) picture as they learn to master these new skills.

My Photo Stream3-001

Above left – a new phase of Costco shopping. Above right – Dylan announces “I made an X!” Below – Whitney draws a collection of potato people and I consider submitting it to the MOMA.

My Photo Stream3

We’ve entered the stage where amusing things are constantly coming out of their mouths…

Dylan says:

“My seed is waking up!” (we planted some bean seeds.  they are still “sleeping” but he has high hopes)

“Hold me” (he knows how to tug the nighttime heartstrings…a tiny voice begging for more time together)

“Three more”  (whatever it is, he asks for three more.  three more minutes, three more dried apricots, three more books…)

“I’m pushing my bellybutton” (after a long silent pause at bedtime and Daddy asking “are you ready to sleep now?”)

“I’ll cover it with my hand” (after pointing out my pimple and asking about it – thank you, buddy!)

“I need some privacy” (while going to the potty by himself…but when I leave he freaks out and asks me to come back)

Whitney says:

“Up you, Mama!”  (Help me, Mama)…although every time I hear something derogatory.  And mind you, one minute she’s throwing a fit that I won’t leave her alone and the next she wants help.

“Go Away!”  🙁  She wants to do it on her own, no thank you mama.  (usually followed by an “up you” minutes later).

“Dylan do!” (when I ask who needs to go potty, or who’s ready for the bath…each of the kids says the other, but the little grammar mistake makes me giggle every time, Dylan used to say “Whitney do-s”)

IMG_2112.JPG (2)



Dylan’s Rules:

If any article of clothing gets noticeably wet, immediately stop all activity and strip down to driest remaining layer.  This rule trumps other socially accepted rules regarding public nudity.

Pajama time is all the time.  If at any point you find yourself pantless – and if your mother persists that clothes are necessary – put on pajama pants.


We spent an afternoon at the track with some good friends of ours – Tyler gave a running lesson to their son.






Daddy’s Games.

Daddy is constantly inventing new games…here are a few of the latest that are played every moment the kids can get with Daddy.  He is amazing with them.  They can’t get enough of him.

“Ooga Booga” = chase me around saying “ooga booga”  Dylan now walks up to other kids and adults saying “ooga booga” trying to initiate.

“Space Trash” = carry me around like a robot and drop me on the couch saying “space trash”.

“Juggernaut” = run at each other holding pillows and crash and roll (see below)

And for those of you who don’t have sleeping kids of your own to peek in on…here’s what keeps me going.

IMG_5136 IMG_5138




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