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Posted on Feb 24, 2013 in The Fam

We miss Daddy.


IMG_0610 Blog2-23


…and school



…and Gramby



…and Lady Dog (who visited us for the weekend recently)



…and in general everyone and everything else.  We’ve been cooped up with a virus this past week, and will be keeping Whitney at home the next two weeks to protect her from the germs of the outside world until her surgery.  I’m forgetting what it’s like to have friends I actually see…or talk to, for that matter.  Lonely!



having fun with cousin C in the awesome parachute house passed down from the family.

tent cousins



Uncle Z is the bomb – at Whitney’s school progress meeting and then playing with Dylan.  Dylan loves him…burst into tears when he left.zackmeeting

zack and dylan


Yes, I do still wear these. I have multiple pairs. like Mr. Rogers.

bunny slippers

radio flyer

This week we have learned to….climb the dining room chairs onto the dining table (D), stick our hands in the toilet when mommy isn’t looking (W/D), say “wawee” (water-D) and “outsigh” (outside-D) and “gookie” (cookie-D), get leg through 1/2 of pants (W), put all the books and toys back on the shelf (!!! – W/D), sleep in until 8:30 (hallelujah! *please no jinx*)…and on and on.  We took our first trip to the Public Library’s kiddy corner (when I thought we weren’t sick anymore – oops) and the kids loved running around, looking through lots of books, and getting awkwardly close to stranger-kids.  Spring volleyball started (I’m coaching with my sister), and I actually booked a photography gig…badabing badaboom.

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