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Mom Moments

Posted on Sep 18, 2014 in Motherhood

Friends, it wasn’t the prettiest day in motherhood today.  I’m certain you’d understand my list of excuses and justifications, and really, it wasn’t all that bad…but it didn’t take long after my hopeful day-survival plan was drafted over my morning cup of coffee before the frazzled-mom alter ego showed up.  I”ll spare you all the details, but I have to share that I happened to catch this particular reenactment on video:

(Whitney got a few more lectures than dolly…one about unrolling the TP, another about grabbing the knife out of the drawer, and then about escaping during nap, and another about bolting in the opposite direction on a walk…it was a rough day for her, and me)


Someday…when we finally break out of the potty training woods, I’m going to have a brilliant post to share with so many thoughts and insights.  Until then…does anyone know how to get pee smell out of couch cushions?

And Lord help me keep my cool better tomorrow.

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