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New Friends New Fun

Posted on Sep 17, 2013 in The Fam

Two Highlights from today:

Dylan figured out how to make noise on the Harmonica and is now obsessed: DylanHarmonica (hint: if you want to instantly sound musically talented, try Harmonica).

And then, when I picked Whitney up from school a little girl from the class next door saw us and yelled “Bye Whitney!” and ran over to give her a hug.  Whitney said “bye” back.  And when I modeled for her “bye, friend” she repeated the phrase.  She has a little friend! Warms a mama’s heart.


Pictures from this past weekend:

We dug up a palm tree (and by “we” I mean Tyler of course).


I taught Dylan about snails since we met one in our front planter (photo on the main page). He was too scared to touch it.  Of course our fresh tomatoes are captivating enough for him. Here he is waiting for me to finish taking a picture (I try to document all that I harvest).


Whitney’s been nurturing her babydolls more.  Possibly because she can only nurture Dylan so much before he gets annoyed.  She’ll try to feed him, wipe his face, make him put on clothes. Dylan has claimed all the stuffed animals, and they’re a frequent accessory.  And yes, we’re giving the undies another go, stay tuned.

Love these kids.  They push me to the edge sometimes, yes.  But my heart beats to their tune.


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