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Our Little Poet: My Bed is Like a Little Boat

Posted on Apr 4, 2014 in Favorites, The Fam

Sleep for our little guy has been a challenge for the past month, we’ve tried a few different methods to help him quiet down and fall asleep.  Tyler started reciting poems to him (I love this side of my husband, my Renaissance Man).  A few days into this new attempt Tyler called me in “Michelle, listen to this” and he started the lines of the poem but left out the last few words of each line and Dylan filled it in!  We’ve known he’s quite the verbal little dude, but this blew me away.  It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve been trying to catch in on camera…this is the best I got.  A little quiet, and a few of his own words in there that differ from the real poem, but you get the gist.

Robert Louis Stevenson:
If I learned anything, it’s that I should pay attention more to what Dylan is interested in…that he wants to do and learn so much and I can do more to encourage him to learn and grow.

And perhaps I need to research more about auditory learners?



  1. That is just WILD! First of all, last time I saw Dylan, he wasn’t really talking (at least nothing like that), and second of all–that is a complex English poem that he almost recited verbatim! I loved seeing that–thanks for posting it.

    • Leigh, Isn’t it funny, the things they do? I have always been impressed with Clara and her memory – especially with numbers! Kids like what they like, I guess!

  2. Wow, that is awesome and so adorable!!! Do the poems help him to settle down and go to sleep??

    • He really likes us to lay with him there f o r e v e r and he talks and talks and talks. We entertain him for a while, but he has always had trouble falling asleep when we’re in the room – just too exciting. Books help (but we need the light on to read, so it has to be an earlier step before falling asleep), and apparently he really listens to the poetry! But I think he’s paying close attention so it’s not like it’s calming him down to a sleep. A few times he’s fallen asleep when I sang every verse of Silent Night, but that was short lived. The times when I fall asleep seem to help him fall asleep most…but then I wake up and can hardly function. 🙂 Sleep is such a constantly changing thing with motherhood, I’m finding! For the most part the kids have been really great with sleep, but when they’re not, it rocks our whole world!

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