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Sneak Peak – 20 week ultrasound

Posted on Jan 1, 2015 in Health, Motherhood, The Fam

Two weeks ago we got to peak in at baby for the 20 week ultrasound.

Here are a few highlights from the photo shoot.  And no, we didn’t find out the gender…we’re into surprises. 🙂

My favorite is this one where baby is showing off some sort of yoga move (upside down Downward Dog?) with his/her feet stretched over the head.


The technician got a kick out of this one – all five fingers like baby is waving to us.  It baffles me that it’s not until this point in the pregnancy that you have any idea if there are two arms, two legs, fingers and toes.  The whole time we just assume and hope that all the parts are there growing correctly.  Thankfully, all looked good!  IMG_0146

You can sort of see baby’s profile in this one, one hand is curled up by the head, the body looks turned to the side and the thigh shows up at the other end.IMG_0147

By the way, 20 weeks means we’ve now crossed the halfway mark!  although, as my teenage neighbors have reminded me – “you’re a lot bigger than —- who is due at the same time as you.” Thanks, my dears.  Yes, I only have one, and yes, I have like 4 more months to go/grow!

I would like to take a minute to give a shout out to being healthy.  I have gained only somewhere between 10-15lbs (while it may look like a lot more), and I can vouch for the fact that extra poundage is noticeable in so many ways in my everyday life.  Granted, much of the weight is concentrated in my torso, but still, it makes me think how much of a difference it makes.  If you are overweight, I wish you could feel yourself at a healthy weight for just one day.  I think it’d be so motivating to make healthy choices knowing that things such as – maneuvering public restrooms, climbing stairs, sleeping comfortably, tying shoes, cleaning stuff off the floor, intimate relations…all sorts of things are a lot smoother with a healthy sized body.  And seriously, 10lbs makes a huge difference!

Speaking of healthy (sort of) – here’s my little guy who is obsessed with raw vegetables and dip.  Cracks me up.  He’ll even actually eat a salad…I don’t think I would eat salad until high school.  Seriously.  And at that point I think my salad had to be drenched in ranch dressing for me to touch it.


And here’s Whitney, having a jam session with Daddy.


Meanwhile, the questions have started coming….

D – “Mommy, how does the baby get out?”

I tried explaining there’s a baby tunnel that gets used when it’s time…other than that I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really want to know.

Anyhow, baby #3, here we come!  I guess it’s time to start cleaning all the junk out of the future nursery…


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