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Sweet 6

Posted on Aug 10, 2016 in Big Moments, Motherhood, The Fam

This sweet soul turned six today.  The partying has begun – her uncle Jason (a.k.a. Mr. Festive) happened to be in town and made sure she was engulfed by balloons, streamers, banners, and everything Frozen when she came downstairs in the morning.  We brought in one of her favorite books (Crankenstein) to class and she helped me read it to the kids.  We also had cupcakes and a mini dance party way past bedtime with cousins.  She loved every minute of it (except when it had to end).  This girl loves life.  This is the first year she’s talked about her birthday ahead of time and she has been so excited.  When it was time to sing the birthday song she was singing the loudest and smiling the biggest.  And she was happiest to be sharing it with everyone else – wishing them all a Happy Birthday, too.   IMG_6314 IMG_6318 IMG_6325

What a wild ride this life is.  I haven’t forgotten about laughodil…I’ve had plenty of thoughts in recent weeks (heck, months….years) that I hope to develop more and share.  Lots of drafted posts.  Lots of moments (adventures and misadventures alike) that have been captured and I hope to share.  Whitney and Dylan just started school this past week (!) – and I’m welcoming the changing season with hope for renewed balance and an increase in my discretionary time to stop and process things both privately and publicly more often.  In the meantime, today, I’m grateful for Whitney – for the tons of delights and laughter and affection and dancing and pride and inspiration she has shared with me these past six years.

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet Whitney! You all made her day very special, and she obviously found great joy in celebrating six! So glad she had a wonderful birthday. Love from all of us.

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