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The week in phone pics

Posted on Jul 19, 2014 in The Fam

Proof that the neighborhood kitty actually let us pet her once…

He rides in his own now, and pops his back foot.

20140718-235012.jpgFell asleep reading…just like his daddy.

20140718-235035.jpg Best way to eat greens…a daily ritual for us now.

20140718-235045.jpg Home made root chips. Not bad! Not a big fan of hot oil splatter burns, though. 🙁

20140718-235054.jpg Child labor. But if Daddy’s doing it, it must be fun!

20140718-235115.jpg Carousel. Thrill for the kids, but quite dizzying when I’m holding on to them instead of riding my own animal!

20140718-235133.jpgBirthday party at the bounce land and arcade. They love to drive!

20140718-235255.jpg…and this is the moment he will bring up in future therapy…Batman whack-a-mole. The second the Joker heads popped out of the holes and started laughing he freaked out. We’ve been telling that story over and over as he wants to talk about it and process. I’ve been explaining good guys/bad guys and some version of super hero theology. Oh, my sensitive little boy.

20140718-235312.jpg I swore last week I would not attempt a two-kid trip to Sprouts again…what was I thinking when I went back for more crazy toddler grocery shopping this week?? Later that day I re-dedicated myself to double-seat carts…thank you Costco and Home Depot for making shopping possible. The steering wheels are a nice touch.



  1. Amen to the double shopping cart thing! And Amen to cartoon theology. I was just referencing sweet Dylan yesterday- does he still love that pink stuffed animal? Miss you guys!

    • Ha! The pink bear obsession has mellowed out quite a bit. He’s more of a blanky guy now. 😉

  2. Ah… the memories your stories bring back! We graduated from 2 seat carts to the open flat ‘cargo carts’ with the girls. we would go on a Friday night, @ dinner time when the crowd had thinned out and get a round of hot dogs. We laid out a little moving blanket and they would sit and eat while we shopped and ‘suggest’ additional purchases. The girls would stack and re-stack our selections as if they were setting up their own store. The non-stop conversations were so enjoyable. An occasional melt-down shortened a trip or two, but for the most part, lots of fun. I don’t think the flatbed cart would work for you yet, but at some point, it might be a fun change. Love you!

    • This sounds like such fun!! Now I can look forward to the flatcart-hotdog/picnic day. 🙂 I’ve happily averted the crowds on a Friday night before…it’s a bitter sweet deal, though, realizing that of all things to do on a Friday night I’ve resorted to Costco shopping. Ha!

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