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Welcome to the Family, Space Age Washer

Posted on Jan 14, 2014 in Motherhood, The Fam, The Homestead

Life is Good in our Laundry room again.  Our old faithful second hand whirlpool cost us $75 and lasted 9 years under our various roofs….but alas, it has been threatening explosion (or something — you should have heard it) for a few months now.  It’s a tough act to follow.  It seems I hear all to often about appliances and electronics that “they don’t make them like they used to,” we’re in a disposable generation.  With much trepidation of taking the plunge into a new appliance I searched and read reviews and looked on Craigslist and talked to friends and finally decided the best option for us was this LG front-loader.  My favorite features: energy efficient, sings to me, fits in our tiny space, and it looks like a spaceship.  Free delivery and haul away from Home Depot was pretty nice, too.  Work your magic space washer, we’ve got big plans for you.



The kids and I finally emerged out of the house after the never ending nasty cold.  Dolly got her first trip around the block.  And I handle what I’d consider our first full blown dramatic tantrum (Dylan) at the corner.  He did not want to ride in the wagon.  No, definitely not.  But I had asked him to stop wandering in people’s yards and at the edge of the street too many times and this was the consequence.  It ended at home.  I appreciated the part with the “I’m frustrated, Mommy” and the clingy exhausted hugs afterward.

Post_01-12-141 IMG_2528

Lollipops.  I love how Whitney says it.  She doesn’t even eat them, really, a few licks here and there, but she will dance around and wave it in the air and proudly shout with exaggerated l’s “lollipop!”  She also tries to sing the song, as in “oh lolly lollipop, ba dum dum dum.”



  1. Dylan’s hair is amazing! Does it do that by itself? 🙂 I love front loaders – how they give you an extra 30″ of counter space. Looks great!

    • Yes, he’s got some special hair. I put “product” in it sometimes to make it at least look intentional. I’m glad you love front loaders! When I was researching I was nervous – it’s the bad thing about reviews, everyone has a bad thing to say about everything….front loaders smell, high efficiency washers don’t get clothes wet all the way through, top loader agitators rip up your clothes, that machine leaks, it’s a lemon, that brand is terrible, this brand is terrible, blah blah blah… I much prefer to think about extra counter space, so thanks. 🙂

  2. An LG front-loader came with our house when we bought it, and I have to say that I love it! It did smell until I figured out how to keep the door cracked but not all the way closed on the washer, but now it is fine. I had never really thought about it before, but it does look like a spaceship. I like how it sings, too. I think you made a good purchase.

    • I’m crossing my fingers that you’re right. We’ve already had a fluke water flooding on my fourth wash!! What the!? Not sure what’s going on, hoping it’s something simple and quick to fix or that we get a replacement. It’s been sitting waiting for a week now for the LG guy (who comes tomorrow, thank goodness, considering the piles of dirty laundry are turning into mountains). Ugh, makes me nervous.

      • That is not cool about the flooding. How did the repair situation turn out? Goodness knows you need your washer!

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