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Where Happy Meets Happy

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Photography, The Homestead

Two of my favorite things to do that fuel my soul are gardening and photography.

The harvest is okay so far…not a lot, but I’m ever-hopeful, and constantly learning and changing up different things. May’s highlights were cherries, peas, and some greens. In June we picked little carrots, cabbage, and started getting cucumbers and beans. Here are a few favorite shots since spring.

As you can see…I have a little garden helper. I love that he loves coming with me…sometimes we’ll pull into the garage and he’ll announce that he has to go look at the plants before going inside. And he’ll eat anything from the garden – usually seconds after being picked…even green beans (or green tomatoes).


Blog-Homesteading-Summer-July2 IMG_6861


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