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A Day to Remember: Celebrating Healthy Hearts and Amazing Chance to Be a Doula by Default

Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Big Moments, Down Syndrome, Health

I thought I was going to write a post today about what a significant day this is for our family, being the anniversary of Whitney’s heart surgery (read about it here and here).  Yes, one year ago was a huge day for us – both insanely difficult emotionally, and positively wonderful to be be on the other side of it and confident in her healthy heart today.  I don’t want to minimize how touched we still are remembering the love shown us through notes and gifts, prayers and texts.  Thank YOU, loved ones, for surrounding us and supporting us so tangibly.


The heart surgery anniversary show was stolen today by a different trip to the OR.  I happened to visit a friend in the hospital at just the right time – 20 minutes after I stopped in they whisked her urgently to the OR to deliver her baby. Her husband and son were on their way but not there yet and I scrubbed up and sat by her side through the whole thing – what an experience.  What an honor.  All of a sudden I’m a Doula (birth support) by default and it was amazing.  I got to hear the baby’s first cry and help my friend see her new daughter by showing her pictures from my phone before she could see with her own eyes.

So, Happy Whole-Heart Anniversary to my precious Whitney, this is a day I will never forget, and welcome to the world little BK, you are a miracle.

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Me, waiting in the scrubs. Yes, a little shocked.

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