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Creative Math

Posted on Apr 11, 2013 in Homemade, Motherhood, The Fam

Today, one Signing Time: Family, Feelings and Fun DVD = one outdoor pillow for our deck!
The kids learned how to say/sign things like “sister” and “grumpy” and I got to get my creative on.  Win-win!
I am very proud of my little square.  And grateful for the sewing machine my grandma gave me years ago.

Glass raised to believing in the ability to complete more projects in the future!  By jove it’s great to be reminded again how wonderful it is to have grown past “100% survival mode,” woo hoo!

*Disclaimer: I don’t condone movie watching every time a mom’s gotta get something done…but once in a while the math just works. 🙂


If I mention Signing Time it’s like a pied piper pilgrimage in our house toward the couch.  The kids love it. And it has really helped both of them with their vocab and communication skills.  While speaking is clearly more difficult for Whitney, she knows the signs for a ton of words and is gradually trying to speak things out as well.  Dylan is geeking out on the “ABCB’s” lately and is constantly surprising me with what he understands and can say.

2013_04On other news… we had our first Play-Dough exposure. They weren’t afraid to touch it and none of it was consumed (that I saw, anyway), so I think it was a success!  .


The weather has lured us outside a lot lately.  The kids go in and out freely on our deck now as we found a way to block the stairs.  They love wandering the yard when I let them.  I’m trying to loosen up on freaking out when they pick up rotting oranges and wander behind the planters where all the spiderwebs are.  Looking forward to more beautiful days!


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