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Summer School Dropout

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 in Education, The Fam

As of Monday, we have dropped Whitney out of summer school.

While we had been excited about her continuing progress this summer since her preschool progress was so great, the summer situation the district offered just didn’t make sense for us.  Why?  Well, first off, the bus wanted to pick her up at 6:30am (for an 8am start time).  um. no.  None of us want to be awake at 6:30am, much less dressed, fed, and ready to start a 1.5 hour bus ride.  So we could drop her off and pick her up…and Tyler did this for a week and a half while I was gone.  Yet the whole drop off/pick up routine took 1.5 hours out of his day and was really difficult with Dylan in tow since there was no parking on site and you have to cross a busy street (with no cross walks!) and walk through campus to get there.  Also, academically, I started to wonder what all was going to happen for Whitney since the routine and repetition is such a key part of her learning and the session is so brief anyway.   In the end, I’d much rather have my baby girl with me all summer.  She and Dylan learn from each other all the time, and without the time constraints of school we are freed up to have other adventures and enrichment.  So, all of you folks itching to hang out with Whitney (and us), call me!  We have lots of free weeks coming up!




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